Hot Cheddar


Cheddar with a fiery attitude, a bold popcorn choice.

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Hot Cheddar Popcorn

Our Hot Cheddar Popcorn is what happens when you combine a Zesty kick of spice with Creamy, Rich Cheddar.

An explosion of flavor that Will Set Your Fans Afire! Every piece of our Hot Cheddar popcorn is an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

The creamy cheddar flavor comes from pure cheese carefully crafted to give every piece of popcorn a rich, velvety taste that is the perfect partner for the next heat.

Every piece of popcorn gets a slight to medium kick of heat that is just right.

So right, you should shut it into the world while you experience the strange feeling of euphoria that hits you with every piece. So invite your kids, friends, or colleagues and relish in that invention of that very fantastic moment.

Because at “Popology,” Our gourmet popcorn isn’t a snack; it’s an experience!


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