Mesquite BBQ


A smoky kiss of Mesquite BBQ in every bite.

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Mesquite BBQ Popcorn

Step into a world of smoky, Southern-inspired flavors with Popology Chicago Popcorn’s “Mesquite BBQ Popcorn.” This gourmet snack artfully captures the essence of traditional barbecue, delivering a sweet and smoky sensation that tantalizes the taste buds and conjures up images of summer grills and warm, outdoor gatherings.

Our Mesquite BBQ Popcorn begins with our premium, air-popped kernels, ensuring a light and fluffy foundation. Each kernel is then meticulously coated in a rich, mesquite BBQ seasoning, blending the deep, smoky notes of mesquite wood with a touch of sweetness. This perfect balance evokes the authentic taste of Southern-style barbecue, making every bite a flavorful journey.

The smoky aroma of this popcorn is as inviting as its taste. With its warm, golden-brown hue, it visually embodies the cozy, comforting vibes of a backyard barbecue. The experience of eating our Mesquite BBQ Popcorn is akin to enjoying your favorite BBQ dish, but in a convenient, snackable form.

Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts and those who love a touch of Southern charm in their snacks, our Mesquite BBQ Popcorn is perfect for family picnics, friendly get-togethers, or simply as a delicious treat to enjoy on your own. It’s more than just a snack; it’s a flavorful tribute to the spirit of Southern grills.


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