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Custom Mix Trio Popcorn

Craft Your Crave: Create Your Ultimate Popcorn Mix!

You have just entered the space of supreme popcorn expertise, Popology Chicago Popcorn! Our company wants to become like no other popcorn company by allowing you to custom-create popcorn meals!
With this special offer, we invite you to try whichever flavors you desire. We present a collection of many different popcorn flavors for you to select and build your very own popcorn product. With our Special Custom Popcorn Mix, you have 51 abundant flavors to choose from. Pick you custom popcorn mixThe great thing about this Custom Mix is that you can pick any 3 flavors in the list to make your very own Personal Popcorn Blend.

Embark upon a scintillating taste-bud excursion in our brand-spanking new Universe of Tastes with 51 diverse flavor options, including time-tested favorites and thought-provoking, palate-tantalizing alternatives, both fully guaranteed to pique any taste. Whether your inclinations favor such time-honored classics as butter and cheese or such sensational, unconventional pairings as jalapeño cheddar and honey BBQ (or both), you can bet cold, hard cash we’ve got just the scrumptious dish to set your hunger pangs to rest.

Customize the perfect combination that caters to your unique liking whether you intend to cater for a small family movie night, a fancy yet glamorous party, or even a joyful kids’ birthday celebration; your very own personalized mix has never tasted so good and has never been so one of a kind.

Each and every singular kernel has been pinpointed to be of the highest of all qualities, using top-of-the-line kernels that are not and have not ever been, genetically modified. Sourced from the best possible places, not-so-stunning ingredients are used in the mad science/gourmet lab to pop your custom mix to perfection. That means every time, you’ll experience a completely fresh, crispy, and scintillatingly flavorful popcorn endeavor.

Ideal for gifting: Are you looking for a unique present? Consider our Custom Popcorn Mix, perfect for friends, family, or business associates.

There are some things that you are going to need to do to make your purchase.

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